Beautiful Trinidad

As the southernmost Carribean island, close to the South American mainland Trinidad has elements of both Island beauty and the warmth of a tropical island. There are many natural beauty spots on this beautiful island to the discerning Kiwi tourist.

Beautiful Nature Centre

There is a very famous and amazing nature centre here in Trinidad. This nature centre is full of amazing birds, reptiles, amphibians and butterflies. There are many species of all these things. You can also see the about 2200 species of flowers here. This is really amazing especially for those who really love the beautiful flowers, plants, birds and animals. You can also find the large variety of Squirrel Cuckoos, parrots, and Toucans here in this beautiful and amazing nature centre. The major reason of so much fame of this nature centre is the large number of species of humming birds. You can also see these humming birds in the whole island of Trinidad. Many New Zealanders and other foreigners want to visit this great and amazing island of Trinidad because they want to see this beautiful Nature Centre.


There is a very beautiful waterfall in the upper place of this beautiful island. The atmosphere at the place of waterfall is really amazing and unforgettable. This waterfall has about 92 meter. The scene of this waterfall is really amazing; especially in the rainy season it looks really awesome. There is proper security and parking facilities for the tourists in this amazing place. A large number of New Zealanders want to visit this beautiful island of Trinidad to see this amazing waterfall.

Emperor Zoo

Like Nature Centre, there is also a very famous Emperor Zoo in this beautiful island of Trinidad. There is a large variety of tigers, lions, fish, monkeys and birds. This is very much old. It was developed in the year of 1952. This place is very much suitable and amazing for those who really want to know the wildlife closely. You can also see the many other animals and birds here in this amazing Emperor Zoo. Many New Zealanders really want to come here in this beautiful island to see the amazing Emperor Zoo.

Pitch Lake of Trinidad

This is a very ancient lake that was first seen by Europeans in the year of 1595 by Walter Raleigh from England. This lake has gained lots of attraction of researchers, scientists and tourists due to its natural phenomenon. This lake is full of beauty and its really brilliant present of nature. The atmosphere and weather around this beautiful lake is really amazing and able to watch. This lake consists of 40 percent pitch, 30 percent colloidal clay and 30 percent water. New Zealanders really should come here in this beautiful island to see this Pitch Lake of Trinidad.